Geyser Claims

Claim Central offers a technology-first geyser repair service that reduces the costs of geyser claims for insurers and ensures a faster turnaround for customers.

The Challenge

Geyser claims are frequent and not always resolved fast enough to ensure customer satisfaction while at the same time keeping the costs under control, resulting in the claim costs leakage on both being high. In addition:

  • BEE management is manual and costly
  • This is currently not a seamless process which leads to frustration, with the customer being passed from pillar to post creating frustration and unhappiness
  • In the case of geysers the resultant damage currently is unknown at the time the customer calls in, this can potentially lead to higher cost of claim and possibly having to send and authorise a second service provider
  • The sense of empathy and care is often missing when the customer must repeat their information with each point of contact
  • Supplier invoices are often delayed for months creating a knock-on effect of not being able to close the claim or finalise estimates
  • Warranty claims aren’t being reported and are being paid for by the insurer
  • Certificate Of Compliance management is often lacking

The Solution

Through our unique combination of process and technology, claims costs are reduced while simultaneously providing an excellent claim experience for all parties.

  • Place the consumer in the centre of the process and ensure constant sentiment analysis via a simple SMS to web link
  • Show how much you care by fast tracking claims and let your customer get on with their life while you get on with their claim
  • Get video footage of the geyser and surrounds before and after the repairs
  • Automated BEE solutions
  • Reduce operational costs and time by outsourcing of the geyser and resultant damage claims, whilst retaining the control via our platform
  • Manage the cost of claim via the use of a media collaboration platform with the customer at the time of the loss, thereby ensuring the correct action can be taken first time
  • We identify warranty claims and manage the process and ensure that you are only paying for claims that you should be
  • We use policy integration to get all the customer’s details, which would be pre-populated into the claim form to enhance the consumer experience.
  • Access to data around events, time of year, geyser manufacturer etc. to make underwriting decisions.

The Unique Benefit

Through the use of of our live video streaming and collaboration platform Livegenic, we are able to quickly identify whether the damaged geyser is still under warranty, eliminating the prevalence of unnecessary claims for the insurer and ultimately reducing claims costs. Additionally, if the damaged geyser is a legitimate claim, we can fast track the repair for quicker resolution and a better claim experience.

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